Friday, August 28, 2009

Is Homeschooling Good? or Can It Be Cultish?

Dear Bloggers, I am going to open a can of worms and ask the question: Can homeschooling be cultish? I believe it could be, but not necessarily totally true. For me IT WAS. I zoned in on "The Perfect World" syndrome. I began homeschooling in sin. I began homeschooling out of fear of the world. I didn't trust in the Lord enough. I feared the evils of the school system so much that I did not trust God to help me either way: public or home-education. There I was full of fear and dread. I fretted and stewed. I did not trust. I took the reigns in my own hands and by my will I decided to embrace seperateness from the world which included: weirdness of being out of sink with normal--wearing old fashioned clothing etc., thinking the Amish were pure and wholesome and so should we, the Mennonites--same thing, the pride of "I can do it better" which we know where pride leads don't we? DESTRUCTION! not realizing that Christ should have been the center of my thoughts and motives. Homeschooling becomes very ugly when the people doing it have pride at the center along with fear of failure at its root. That's where I was. I have more to share about our journey and how God delivered me out of this. I am not saying homeschooling is bad. I have many friends who have d0ne it all the way through successfully and with right motives and have wonderful children. I am saying that it can do so much damage to the people doing it and to their children when their motives are wrong and if fear and pride rule them. Does anyone else out there feel the way I do or am I alone? Please comment and share your stories. Thank you, Kathi

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