Monday, May 25, 2009

God Heard ~ A Mother's Wish

Have you ever been humbled to tears by a mere remark and facial expression? Once, years ago, I took my children to a pond for a picnic. As I sat there enjoying every moment with my children, a car drove past on the gravel road. A woman flatly stated that I was on private property. I apologized and got up to leave. She scowled at me. I cried silently and hid the tears from my children. I quickly told the children that we needed to go to the park. They sadly said, "But there are no ponds or frogs at the park, Mom." I told them I knew that, but we were not supposed to be at this place. There were no signs up to indicate private property, so I thought that it was a vacant lot, at the edge of our neighborhood.

I never prayed, but rather had the wish of having such a pond some day. Two years later we were able to buy this 80 acre farm with a creek running through it. I praise God for giving me the longing of my heart. He saw those tears that day.
I am so thankful for the frogs in this creek and the fun found here on hot days. I never dreamed that God would bless me with something I didn't ask for, but had simply dreamed of inside my heart.
I'm thankful and I hope and pray for you to have those little secret dreams that are inside your heart too, that only God knows about.
May God bless you dear blogging friends. I know that you probably already know this Bible verse and you do these things, but it's worth repeating. "Seek first His kingdom, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you..." Matt. 6:33 I truly believe that when we keep our eyes on Jesus and His Word, then we are in a position to be blessed. Not all blessings are monetary or in the form of things. Many blessings are in the form of a crisis that bring us to a place of feeling HIS presence, or in the form of an encouraging friendship. This is only one example of something that happened in my life, and it was something I didn't pray for; I only had a moment of wishing. Our real blessing is knowing HIM in a closer way. Praise HIS name, Kathi

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